In 1929, Jesse Rodriguez was the first Latino to ever play in the National Football League on the Buffalo Bisons as a fullback-punter. While the Latinos have not taken the National Football League by a huge number, many Latino players are now very prominent. Now days we have players from all over the place. As for the Latinos in the NFL they are from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Venezuala. The NFL is trying to include more international players in their league so it can be a sport watch internationally and not just in the States. They even started to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month by setting up special events. Each team in the NFL will enhance the celebration with the local efforts throughout the month which included designated home games in honor of Hisanic Heritage Month. 


Two players in particular are known for the their great play on the field and off. Anthony Munoz who is considered to be one the greatest offensive linemen in the National Football league. Munoz played for the Cincinatti Bengals for thirteen years and had done a lot for them. In this thirteen year career, Munoz won the Super Bowl, which is the leagues championship, two times in 1982 and 1989. Anthony Munoz also won the award for Offensive Lineman of the Year three times. Munoz also was elected to play in the Pro Bowl for eleven consecutive years which is quite incredible. On top of all that he was also named to the prestigious NFL’s 75th Anniversary all-time team. Off the field, Munoz has done aa lot of great things which got him the reputation for one of the NFL’s most charitable players. The Anthony Munoz Foundation is dedicated to give opportunites to children to gain leadership experience in schools in rural areas. After this spectacular work, Munoz was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1998. The next player I will talk about is Tony Gonzalez. Tony was a phenomenal football player who played on the Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from being a six time Pro Bowler as Munoz, Tony did a lot off the field as well. Tony formed the Tony Gonzalez foundation in 1998 which supports the Boys and Girls club and Shadow Buddies program. His contributions to the community played a major role in the efforts of erasing discrimination of Latinos in US sports. 

All in all, I believe this American Sports are getting more and more revolutionized by getting more diverse and accepted internationally. I hope these efforts made by the league are taken advantage of by everyone who has a dream to become a professional athlete. 

Below is a video of my favorite NFL player who plays on the Houston Texans who happens to be a Latino:


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