Fútbol other wise known as Soccer is one the most famous sports around the world. Not only is it the most famous for both participant in the sport or spectating. There are more than 30,000,000 people in the world that participate in organized competitions. Ever since I started watching soccer, I would notice how the countries besides the US would be much better. Especially the Latin countries would do great in the World Cups. My favorite team is either Argentina or Brazil and they both have one the of most talented teams in the world. These two countries have so much talent that they are known to export the most players to Europe than any other country. In my opinion the Latin American countries and teams have always played a very important role in the international soccer scene. So much that, every year the best soccer team of Latin America plays the best European team.

The United States had football, basketball, and baseball as the sports that were invented here and were pretty dominated by them. So it took the Latin countries a while to get good enough to play professionally in America. So the US had a slow start to the soccer game but the league in the US, the MLS, is starting to make a name for it self. More and more players from European clubs and Latin clubs are coming here to play. The MLS still has a lot to grow to get to the caliber of the other major leagues around the world.


Now as for future Latino impact in the MLS, the Houston Dynamo, my hometown team, has about fifty percent Latino fan support. This is definitely what the MLS needs so there is more Latin presence in the MLS so more players would want to come to the United States. Houston isn’t the only one that is trying to get more Latino influence in the MLS. The Columbus Crew, an MLS soccer team, which is located in an area with a great amount of Latino population, is now broadcasting the games on Spanish Language Radio. An MLS team has even changed its name to Chivas USA, which is like the team in the Mexican National League, Chivas Guadalajara.


So as you see Latinos have a great influence on Soccer and even its greatest stage, the World Cup.

 The video below is a soccer game that is being broadcasted in English but when the goal is scored the famous Mexican way to say “goal” is used:


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